Everlasting PROF PZ 145 VTR3P-7C Pizza Counter

£3,999.00 ex VAT

External Dimensions:
2000 x 800 x 1390

2 doors

7 dough tray draws

Operating Temperature:
+2° +10°

Ambient Temperature:


  • (pans not included)



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The PROFESSIONAL pizza benches line was designed to respond to the need of optimizing spaces, thus still having all the products you need at hand, to cook a good pizza starting with correctly preserved and stored ingredients. Our clients can either choose a complete bench, or just purchase some elements in order to better customize their own pizzeria. The pizza bench consists in a refrigerated table with 1, 2, 3 or 4 doors with temperatures ranging from -2°C to +10°C; a non-refrigerated chest drawer with two or seven drawers for 60×40 containers to preserve pizza-dough, a granite working-top to prepare pizzas, a separate refrigerated showcase, with temperature ranging from +2°C to +10°C, to preserve the different ingredients. All models come with built-in refrigerated unit or are pre-arranged with a separate condensing unit