Anets 20 litre gas fryer SLG 50

£850.00 ex VAT

Single tank gas fryer with high output – manufactured in the US

  • Supplied with 2 baskets
  • Basket Size – 160mm wide x 320mm deep x 130mm high
  • Oil Capacity – 20 litre
  • 3 x Unique tapered eliptical burner tubes provides 14% more heat transfer than standard burners – reduces fuel costs
  • High Output = 80lbs of fries per hour
  • Supplied with 2 baskets
  • Frying area – 360 x 360mm
  • Battery operated push button pulse ignition for easy lighting- no naked flame required to ignite the pilot.
  • Millivolt controls require no electrical feed
  • 304 stainless steel fry tank making it less prone to corrosion and suitable for event and food wagon caterers.
  • Stainless steel exterior door, front facia, and rear flue.
  • Supplied with large sloped cool zone – extends oil life and eases emptying
  • Fitted with large 11/4″ drain off valve – prevents blockages
  • On site warranty – 24 months parts 12 months labour
  • 5 year tank warranty



Anets 20 litre gas fryer SLG50 single tank gas fryer, is a high output fryer, specially designed burners give 14% more heat transfer and so reducing energy costs, ideal for fast food operations as well as other operators needing quick recovery times. Easy to light, thanks to push button electric ignition !!  5 year tank warranty

The Stainless Steel tank makes it popular with food wagon/outdoor event type caterers as the use in this environment will NOT void the warranty