GGF F72/44 Double deck electric pizza oven

£1,775.00 ex VAT

  • 12 kw Single or 3 phase
  • 8 x 14″ pizza on the stone
  • 720 x 720 mm ( 28” x 28”) deck
  • Safety thermostat
  • 1010 x 850 X 750 W,D,H
  • Temperature 50 – 500 °C
  •  Refractory stone base


GGF F72/44 Double deck electric pizza oven . Professional electric ovens provided with cooking chamber projected and optimized for pizzas with a diameter of 36 cm. Fronts available in stainless steel or rustic version. Control throughout independent mechanical thermostats for ceiling and floor, high-density evaporated dried mineral wool insulation, cooking surface in refractory stone, pyrometer and internal halogen illumination. Series of three heating elements for both oven top and bedplate powered by contactors. Also available with electronic thermoregulator with digital display.