Nieco Bun Grill Automatic Broiler JF64-BG

  • 1045 x 1197 x 797 mm w,d,h
  • 68,000 BTU / hour gas
  • 1 year parts and labour warranty
  • Stand not included



Nieco Bun Grill Automatic Broiler JF64-BG

More flavour and less energy means more profits for your restaurant.

Nieco Bun Grill Automatic Broiler JF64-BG  single belt or JF64-2-BG dual belt broiler is our highest-capacity broiler that comes with a bun grill. Equipped with BroilVection™, a new generation of hybrid broiling technology, the JF64-BG combines radiant broiling, natural convection and focused forced convection heat to consistently produce superior products and reduce operating costs.


  • Delicious Charbroiled Flavour and Colour
  • Perfectly Grilled Buns
  • Energy Savings
  • Less Kitchen Heat
  • No Burner Replacement
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain
  • Faster Speed of Service
  • Single 27 Inch or Dual 13 Inch Belts