Precision PPC307 3 Door Prep Counter

£3,995.00 ex VAT

1430mm x 920mm x 1085mm w , d , h

Retractable Night Blind When Pans Not In Service

Gentle Air Flow Over Top Of Pans
storage capacity: 450 ltr / 16.0 cu.ft.
Preptop work area:  1430 x 395mm
capacity: 7 x 1/3GN x 150mm pans
Temperature range: +1°C / +4°C
Two years parts and labour warranty


Precision PPC 307 3 Door prep counter . Proudly made in the UK, Precision’s Prep Counters provide the best in refrigerated preparation counters for commercial kitchens all around the world.
Whether it be for salads, pizzas, sandwiches, tapas, desserts and much more, these prep counters are perfect for those who need to maintain their ingredients at safe temperatures all day long