Standard Range Glasswasher SG35

£715.00 ex VAT

Cycle time  120 seconds
Baskets (x2)  350 x 350 mm
Height  580 mm
Width  420 mm
Depth  470 mm
Depth with door open  705 mm
Usable wash height  210 mm
Drain height  120 mm
Drain Ø 25 mm

Wash tank  11 lts
Boiler 2.8 lts
Water usage  2.4 lts p/c
Wash element  1.6 kw
Boiler element  2.8 kw
Total load  3 kw
Amps required  13
Detergent dosing  yes
Rinse aid dosing  yes
Water connection  3⁄4 BSP
Required water pressure  2-4 bar


Standard Range Glasswasher SG35 . Energy-saving wash pump – double-skinned stainless-steel cabinet and door – low water usage – EasyClean filters – removable anti-block wash and rinse arms – hydro-dynamic basket slides – optional thermostop for guaranteed rinse temperatures – integral detergent and rinse aid dosing units – simple, intuitive controls – supplied with 2 glass baskets .Fast two minute wash cycle ensures maximum productivity .New innovative wash pump increases wash pressure improving results . Hydrodynamic basket slides ensures optimum wash and rinse coverage
Rinse thermo-lock delivers perfect rinse temperatures time after time .New innovative wash pump saves 180W per hour
Double skinned cabinet reduces noise and heat emissions whilst lowering running costs . Reduced water consumption produces the optimum balance between water usage and hygiene . Improved rinse arms increases initial response by 30% and rotation speed by 20%