It is possible to obtain an excellent pizza with electric ovens. This is demonstrated by the Citizen Zanolli oven which guarantees an absolutely homogeneous heat distribution thanks to the special refractory top  If desired, it is possible to completely coat the interior of the cooking chamber with the same material and thus achieve  more surprising results. The Citizen electric oven is able to accumulate and maintain heat throughout the chamber by automatically activating the heating elements only to maintain the required temperature.

5 good reasons to make Citizen PW your electric oven:

• Simplicity of use
• Modularity that allows you to adapt the oven to your needs
• Cooking chamber completely covered in refractory material among the options
• Digital panel with programmable card
• Ability to create your special version on request

The electric oven will give all the support you need to the master pizza maker, but only he can really create the work of art. Our experience recommends a dough matured for at least 48 hours cooked for about 3 minutes at a temperature of 320 ° C with powers 7 to the top and 3 to the base, but the dough, the leavening, the maturation and the choice of raw materials remain elements fundamental to obtain the best results.