Bull Professional Electric Oven is assembled in highly resistant steel and covered with colored, tempered glass, resistant to impact and high temperatures. With a great aesthetic effect, Bull has been designed to enhance its strong and rigorous lines.
Composed of 1, 2, 3 cooking chambers to be combined with a support or leavening cell, and with a suction / filtering hood. Available in 4 sizes, “XL” – “L” – “M” – “S” to adapt to any need for space and cooking capacity. BULL has uncommon technical characteristics. The cooking chamber entirely made of refractory material, with “hy • pe” type armored heating elements inserted into the high resistance refractory of the hob and the sky
The user interface is presented as a single tempered glass surface composed of a customized display.
The new control board consists of a series of digital controls designed for the management of the oven and leavening cell, with function icons and touch keys.
Possibility to insert the “steamer” on each cooking chamber. On the motorized extractor hood it is possible to combine a vapors and odors reduction kit complete with activated carbon filter