Food goes in hot, fresh, and tasty… comes out the same way—hours later!

The Henny Penny SmartHold® is more than a programmable humidifed holding cabinet. It knows how to double and even triple your holding times.

Create the perfect environment for practically any food Precise humidity control is the key to holding foods for longer periods of time. With SmartHold, you can select any humidity level between 10% and 90% relative humidity. The patented humidity control system monitors conditions inside the cabinet, adding and removing humidity to maintain the perfect environment for any food.

Longer holding times mean bigger savings With precise humidity control, you can double holding times even for hard  to-hold items like fish and rice. The longer you can hold something, the more of it you sell. And the more you sell, the less you throw away.

Transform your kitchen and your bottom line With the ability to hold your entire menu at will, imagine the strategic role SmartHold can play in your kitchen: proof and hold in the same cabinet… cook in volume, serve on demand… You can even finish slow-cooked ribs and roasts overnight to improve flavour! How much time and savings can you gain with SmartHold? See the back.

Sometimes it pays to think inside the box.