While things like commercial ovens are essential, you should also think about how you keep your glasses and crockery clean. Using the right washing equipment in your establishment will ensure it all stays spotless without getting damaged along the way.

This comes down to a choice between two things usually – a dishwasher or a glasswasher. While you may assume both do the same job, they are actually distinct machines in their own right.
But what is different about them?

Glasswashers are for glasses only

Top-quality glasswashers like the DC Standard Range Glasswasher SGP40 are designed specifically to wash only glassware. This means that you cannot put other crockery, like plates, in there. It is different from a dishwasher which does let you wash a wider variety of items in it (as long as they are dishwasher safe!). Dishwashers clean at a higher heat and in a different manner to glasswashers which means putting glassware in there could damage it. When you run any kind of business in the hospitality sector, you do not want to be constantly buying new glasses and crockery because your existing ones keep getting washed in the wrong machine!

Different wash speeds

Another big difference between these two machines is the speed at which they wash items. Glasswashers tend to have a quicker wash speed which is perfect for use in a busy bar or café. Come peak time, you will really appreciate the quick turnaround on glasses!
Dishwashers on the other hand usually take longer to go through a wash cycle and are not as quick as glasswashers to clean items. Naturally, this is not a problem if the things in there are not on a quick turnaround like glasses are.

Dimensions and size

One other major difference between the two is their size and where they can be situated. Typically, glasswashers are smaller and more compact than dishwashers. This allows you to store them under counters, for example, where they can be close to your serving area without causing an obstruction. Naturally, this is perfect for something like a busy pub where a supply of clean glasses is needed at hand. Due to their larger size and reduced front of house use, dishwashers tend to be found more in kitchens where there is more room to put them.

Price is also a factor

One other thing to know about these two pieces of catering equipment is that they often differ in price. Glasswashers tend to be more affordable which delivers a great ROI for businesses who serve a lot of drinks. Dishwashers are usually a bit higher priced but this does reflect their ability to wash a wider variety of items and the increased costs in manufacturing them.

Find you perfect glasswasher today

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Having the right catering equipment to use is key when running any kind of business which serves food and drink.