HOUNÖ has developed and produced combi ovens in Denmark since 1977. We were among the first in the world to produce combi ovens, and these roots of ingenuity shape HOUNÖ to this day. We have strong Scandinavian roots, which are expressed in our solution-oriented approach to oven design; we strive to create user-friendly solutions that suit your specific needs and requirements.

At HOUNÖ, we do more than just manufacture combi ovens. We want to find the perfect fit for you. You should always be able to find the perfect fit for your kitchen in the HOUNÖ portfolio, as we offer the widest selection of combi ovens in the world.

It is important to us, that you find your perfect oven that offers flexibility, reliability, as well as the very best cooking and baking results. Therefore, we have an open mind for possibilities and we are dedicated to creating tailor-made oven solutions

Visual Cooking can be used for all kinds of food preparation. This saves space in your kitchen and reduces the need to invest in additional kitchen equipment.

Perfect cooking & baking
Taste the mouth-watering cooking and baking results coming from the Visual Cooking oven. Moreover, the gentle preparation reduces meat shrinkage by up to 27%.

First-class technology and premium materials are your guarantee for a strong and reliable oven. Our 4-year warranty underlines our commitment to product excellence

100+ oven solutions
With more than 100 different oven solutions, Visual Cooking embraces the widest range of combi ovens in the world. We always have a combi oven that meets your needs.

Easy operation
The self-explanatory interface makes it easy to prepare food in a short time. Use SmartChef for automatic cooking, programme the oven manually or use a preset programme.


Low operating costs
With a low consumption of energy, water and detergent, Visual Cooking ovens clean themselves while you save money. In fact, you can save 25-50% on liquid cleaning chemicals.