The optimal choice when size matters
If you have a cafe or a smaller kitchen where the space is limited, HOUNÖ’s CombiSlim is the obvious choice.
CombiSlim is a completely unique oven size on the market; it is the smallest combi oven on the market. The ovens does not take up much space – with a width of only 51,3 cm they can fit into even the smallest kitchens.
It is small but effective. Despite its small size, CombiSlim has the same features as a large combi oven. In other words, it has all the features you need in a smaller kitchen. No matter if you prefer a traditional dial control or digital touch display, CombiSlim has something for you. Every CombiSlim oven is built to order from our Danish factory – so you have plenty of opportunity to put your own mark on your oven.

Numerous possibilities
The combination of hot air and injection steam ensures perfect cooking and baking results. CombiSlim is your multi-functional partner that makes other kitchen appliances unnecessary. From baking bread to roasting chickens and steaming vegetables – as well as every type of food in between. CombiSlim ovens are perfect for quick service restaurants, full service restaurants, take-away shops, cafés, gas stations, institutions etc. An investment in CombiSlim makes it easy to expand your food selection and increase sales.

Committed to Reliability
At HOUNÖ, combi ovens are our passion and each oven is carefully manufactured to order. Our philosophy of first-class technology and premium materials is your guarantee for a strong and reliable combi oven. Each oven is meticulously tested and tried for safety and functionality before leaving our production facilities. Our 4-year parts warranty underlines our strong commitment to product excellence.