Size matters in small kitchens. That’s why our CombiSlim ovens only measure 51.3 cm in width. These combi ovens are ideal for small-scale kitchens or for satellite kitchens in combination with our Visual Cooking ovens. CombiSlim ovens are available in 3 sizes that use 1/1 GN or 2/3 GN trays. Save space Gain maximum flexibility using minimum space with CombiSlim ovens. These combi ovens measure only 51.3 cm in width and fit into all professional kitchens . Expand your product range CombiSlim ovens are ideal for small-scale food production in take-away shops, cafés, gas stations, kindergartens, etc. Invest in CombiSlim to expand your range and increase sales . Perfect results. Always
The combination of hot air and injection steam ensures perfect cooking and baking results. CombiSlim is your multi-functional partner that makes other kitchen appliances unnecessary . Low costs of installation
CombiSlim ensures maximum performance with minimum energy consumption. In fact, you can install CombiSlim ovens using only a regular 230 V electricity connection . CombiSlim Touch models
The vast range of cooking modes and features meets all your needs and give you room for fine-adjustments. Use the intuitive touch display SmartTouch® for programming . CombiSlim Standard models Equipped with the most popular cooking modes, these ovens are very easy to use at all staff levels. They are manually programmed by means of the selection dial .