We all love a good pizza, but there’s a world of difference between a good one and a bad one. Therefore, it’s important to balance the ingredients correctly and pay attention to the temperature of the dough throughout the mixing process. When hungry customers come to your restaurant seeking tasty pizza, you’ll want to be sure you’re serving the best pizza around, so it’s no good using a sub-standard dough mixer. Your restaurant needs a dough mixer it can rely on to mix large amounts of dough quickly and thoroughly. Below we review three of the most popular mixers on the market.

Prisma Spiral Dough Mixer

This robust Italian-made mixer is the most affordable on this list at £956.00 (ex. VAT). Like the Fimar Spiral Dough, it has a 32-litre capacity. The motor drives at 1.5hp. If you’re looking for a quieter mixer – perhaps your restaurant is smaller or you have an open kitchen – then this could be the model for you as it boasts a gear drive transmission in the oil bath which makes for quieter running and robust operation. This is the tallest of the machines at 855h, so if you prefer a more compact model this may not be the one.

Fimar Spiral Dough Mixer

Still at the affordable end of the spectrum, the Fimar is available for only £1,259.00 (ex. VAT). As mentioned, it is the most conveniently-sized option and it comes with a removable bowl. The key feature to note with this one is just how much dough it can produce. Per hour the Fimar can mix 75kg of dough at a rate of 25kg per cycle. It is powered by 2hp and does 90rpm spiral revolutions. For a machine of its size, it is a powerful mixer and provides 0.5hp greater power than the Prisma at a similar price point.

Cuppone Spiral Mixer

This machine offers the greatest capacity at 35 litres, however, it’s also the most expensive at £2,394.00 (ex. VAT). This is almost three times the cost of our listed budget mixer, the Prisma. At 810h the Cuppone is not as tall as the Prisma but it still takes up more space than the Fimar, which can be nestled into your existing kitchen at a compact 730h. For this price level, we might expect more attractive additional features than the extra three litres in capacity.

Overall, we recommend the Fimar for its high output rate of dough thanks to its powerful mixer, along with its affordability and compact size.