Considering opening your own pizza shop?

As part of your business plan, you will need to decide which pizza equipment you require to start up.

Your choice of pizza oven is crucial as it will be the cornerstone of your success. Other pizza preparation equipment will need to be considered, along with an array of peripherals.

If cost is an issue, there are leasing options available too.

Choosing an oven?

You will need to choose the pizza oven most suitable for your needs. We offer a broad and growing range of over 80 pizza ovens. Gas and electric, conveyor belt, and wood-burning options are available in single, double and triple-deck models. From £700 to £12,000, the cost reflects your technical requirements. Think about how much and how often the oven will be in active use. If pizza is to be a lunchtime option in your cafe then the oven required will be relatively low spec. To open a late-night pizza shop in a busy location, a more heavy-duty oven will be needed. 

Other pizza equipment

Pizza preparation equipment to consider includes dough mixers, rollers, pressers and rounders. We recommend a dough mixer for all purposes to ensure the quality of the dough. Whether you require a roller, presser or rounder will depend on the requirements of your chef. 

Other large items that we can help you with include refrigeration and ware-washing facilities, pizza counters and food prep counters. We suggest browsing the options and contacting us with any questions.


Basic prep supplies can add up. Include costings for cutters, utensils, plates, pizza stands, pans, racks, measuring cups, napkins and flat bottom ladles. If you intend to serve pizza for collection or delivery, remember to cost for pizza boxes and delivery bags. And don’t forget, if you plan to deliver pizza then a vehicle or vehicles will be needed.

We recommend speaking to somebody who already owns a pizza shop about what they use on a regular basis. You should get clarity on what your business needs. 

Cost and financing

Starting your own business can be an expensive endeavour so write a thorough business plan and remember that financing options are available. Arrange a meeting with your bank to seek advice. Read up online via sites such as Money Advice Service and Money Supermarket. 

When considering your options, it pays to overestimate your start-up costs so that you are able to cover any unexpected and necessary outlay. Consider the cost of the items you select in relation to the value they will bring to your business. It can be worth spending a little more if your target market has more disposable income.

List every item that your business needs. There is a huge amount of choice out there so it is a case of deciding what most suits the needs of your business.
Search online for the equipment that best suit your needs and record the costs. If you need support choosing suitable items from our site, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0191 3860111.