Counter Top Bain Marie

A Counter Top Bain Marie is the perfect solution for any kitchen or takeaway when it comes to keeping food at a consistent temperature.

The use of heat and water ensures that food is warm throughout and the steam prevents food from drying out. It is a practical and hygienic food storage solution during service, keeping food ready until it is served.

What is a Bain Marie?

Not to be confused with a sous vide appliance, a Bain Marie is a shallow water bath. The water is warmed to, and kept at, a required temperature on the appliance and Gastronorm pans filled with food are placed in the water to be kept warm.

A Bain Marie is not intended for cooking but as a way of keeping food warm.

The heat is so gentle that it is almost impossible for food to burn on and stick to the GN pan, and the water ensures that an even temperature is kept throughout.

Whether you are a bustling corner takeaway, a café, restaurant or anything else, this is an excellent bit of equipment for your kitchen and will give perfect results every time.

If you require a Bain Marie and can’t see what you need, or you require any help at all, please give us a call on 0191 3860111.

We will be more than happy to help you to find what you need.

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