Pizza Dough Rollers

Pizza Dough Rollers are an asset in the kitchen. They ensure like for like results and pizza base perfection time and time again without the requirement of specialised staff to operate them.

Imagine the time and money you could save if the pizza dough was rolled, the sauces prepared and the toppings chopped too? All done in the time that it would usually take for one of your brigade to knead and roll the dough.
Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Why waste hours pounding, kneading and rolling dough by hand when a dough roller will take care of the hard work allowing you and your team to work on anything and everything else.

When used to roll dough, you get a consistent result over and over again, but when used alongside a dough mixer too you have the dream team; perfect, matching uniform pizza bases in a shape and texture that your customers are sure to love.

These machines not only guarantee top-notch results, but they also take care of portion control, whilst preparing the dough at a temperature optimum for best results each use.

Sold? Us too!

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We provide a range of Pizza Dough Rollers from leading industry names such as Pastaline, Prisma and Fimar, amongst others.

Still unsure of what you need? give us a ring and we are sure we will be able to help.

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