Prep Counters

A busy kitchen is not complete without professional refrigerated prep counters.

Whether you are running a restaurant, deli, catering company, takeaway, or something else, a sturdy and reliable refrigerated prep counter is essential for optimising the workspace in your business.

With many of our offerings providing a tidy space for gastronorm pans of toppings, a cool counter for kneading dough and areas for food preparation and chopping, it is easy to see why a prep counter is so vital to a busy kitchen.

Here at Euro Pizza Ovens, we offer a great range of prep counters from leading manufacturers such as Genfrost, Atosa and Kingfisher, amongst others.
You are sure to find something suited to your requirements, however, if you are unsure or require any additional information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 3860111.

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