GGF 42 Litre Spiral dough mixer

£1,050.00 ex VAT


  • 2 HP Motor
  • 42 Litres
  • 35 kg
  • 470 x 850 x 720 mm w,d,h
  • 120 kg Weight
  • Castors and timer included
  • 1 year parts and labour warranty


GGF 42 Litre Spiral dough mixer .

The spiral kneaders of the IM line with fixed head and bowl, are suitable for any type of dough. The structure of the machine is painted while the bowl, spiral and the protective grid are made of stainless steel; all the machines are equipped with wheels, timer and dough breaker pin.
essential machine in Schools, Bakeries, Pubs, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Nursing Homes and Hospitals. The Spiral Mixer’s main feature is the rotational movement of the pot together with the spiral hook this causes low friction heat and provides a more homogeneous mixture. The single spiral attachments is used for mixing bread dough and is capable of handling very stiff dough with low hydration levels and high hydration dough types such as ciabatta. You can also make pie dough as well as mixing scones and biscuits.

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