Combi ovens

A good combi oven (combination oven) is a great and reliable asset in any commercial kitchen.

Whether you are running a booming restaurant business or a local takeaway, if you are looking to improve on efficiency and versatility in your cooking style, a combi oven is a fantastic addition for you; making cooking quicker, more flexible and at the same time, reducing running costs.

There are three main functions: convection cooking, steaming and combination cooking.

  • Convection Cooking – dry heat is circulated to cook and warm foods. This method is usually used for baking, e.g. for bread and pastries.
  • Steaming – water vapour is added to the oven and makes the perfect environment for cooking vegetables, rice or fish.
  • Combination cooking uses both the convection and steaming function at the same time to give the user control over the humidity and temperature allowing foods to be cooked at high temperatures without burning them.

Cooking with the combination cooking function not only assists in reducing cooking time, but it also decreases the risk of shrinkage and food waste.

At Euro Pizza Ovens, we have a great variety of combi ovens for you to choose from. You are sure to find something suited to your needs, however, if you are unsure or require any additional information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 3860111.

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