Cuppone Donatello Commercial Pizza Oven LLKDN6352L+

£4,978.00 ex VAT

The LLKDN6352L is the new mid-range oven from Cuppone and is an economical alternative to our Michelangelo for restaurants or busy takeaways.


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Cuppone  Donatello Commercial Pizza Oven LLKDN6352L+is the new mid-range oven from Cuppone and is an economical alternative to our Michelangelo for restaurants or busy takeaways

Cuppone LLKDN6352L Donatello ovens have:

  • Highly energy efficient digital control panel which allows controllability of the top and the bottom deck heating elements
  • An acoustic cooking time
  • Glass door and internal lights which allow you to check the progress of your pizzas
  • Stone cooking base which guarantees authentic Italian pizza cooking
  • Cook pizzas in around 3-5 minutes, depending on the thickness of the pizza and whether you are cooking directly on the stone or in pans.

The Cuppone LLKDN6352L+ Donatello has a revolutionary heat regeneration system that is positioned at the front of the oven inside the door area it immediately re-circulates the heat back into the oven when the door is opened. Doors are fitted with a heat seal between the door and cooking chamber to retain the heat when the doors are closed.

Cuppone LLKDN6352L Donatello ovens are incredibly easy to clean: simply turn up the heat for around half an hour at the end of service, then turn the oven off and when you come in the morning simply sweep the residue up.

Can be supplied with a stand and a fully operational extraction hood which should be vented out of the building.

Also perfect for cooking baked potatoes, chicken wings, pasta, and a wide variety of other dishes.

If you are running a busy restaurant or takeaway and want a good reliable oven but theatre is not essential for you, then this is the oven you need to buy.

Technical Specs of the Cuppone Donatello Pizza Oven LLKDN6352L+:

  • 1515 w x 1000 d x 784h external
  • 1080w x 720d x 150h internal
  • 12 x 300mm (12”) in pans
  • Electric deck oven available in 8 variations
  • Digital control panel
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Heat regeneration system
  • ‘0’ (zero) min/max power settings
  • Manually adjustable steam vents

Supplied with 2 years parts and 1 year labour warranty

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