Italforni Tunnel Stone Electric Conveyor TSA

  • Easy to use electronic digital controls – fitted with Stand By mode – reducing energy consumption by 50%
  • On site warranty – 2 years parts 1 year labour


This Italforni Tunnel Stone Electric Conveyor TSA – Italforni “Stone” Italian made electric conveyor pizza oven, has a refractory stone conveyor belt allowing you to do genuine stone bake “Thin and Crispy” Italian pizzas.  Unlike gas ovens no interlock system is required allowing a quick whilst simple installation. The Tunnel Stone Electric conveyor ovens can be used for cooking other products, not just pizzas, such as Tortillas, Bruschetta, Costini, Pitta bread, and Chicken wings.

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a conveyor oven that can produce the results of an authentic Italian Stone Deck Oven? Now there is!! This is the only Conveyor Tunnel oven that cooks directly on stone. Get a deck-type finish with all the ease of a conveyor oven. This oven’s simple use and perfect cooking results allows it to be used by non specialized staff too

The Italforni TS Tunnel oven is excellent for cooking a variety of products to perfection, such as pizza, focaccia, Arab bread, tortillas, piadina, bruschetta, crostini, chicken wings, meat, etc… With a temperature reaching as high as 450°C your bake time is sure to improve drastically.  In fact, this oven is capable of producing up to 163 @ 12″ pizzas per hour! Also features independently controlled top and bottom heat controls for perfect bake.

Tunnel Stone Ovens have static heat sources up to 450°C


C, (rather than forced air), which ensures a crisp base without drying out the topping. In addition they have the benefit of individual temperature control of the top and bottom elements to guarantee perfect results every time.

Technical Specs of the Italforni Tunnel Stone Electric Conveyor TSA: 

  • Dimensions – 1015w x 1450d x 1282h (includes stand)
  • Power Requirements – 12.5kw (3 phase)
  • Italian made – with Refractory stone conveyor – creates Stone baked pizza – cook directly on the stone belt
  • Static incoloy heating elements – top and bottom each individually controlled
  • Oven temperature range 50 – 450°C
  • Output per hour – 160 x 8″,  64 x 10″,  54 x 12″, 46 x 14″,  42 x 18″
  • Belt width is 18″/450mm x 800mm
  • Variable speed belt
  • Oven size 530w x 800d x 110mmh
  • Can be stacked 2 or 3 high – prices on request
  • Easy to use electronic digital controls – fitted with Stand By mode – reducing energy consumption by 50%
  • Removable crumb trays allows easy cleaning
  • mobile stand is extra
  • On site warranty – 2 years parts 1 year labour

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