PA 800 TN Dough storage fridge

£1,267.00 ex VAT

Will hold 38  x 400 x 600 dough trays

External dimensions w x d x h (mm) 740x990x2010
Internal dimensions w x d x h (mm) 624x846x1396
Package dimensions 770x1030x2077
Net weight (kg) 140
Construction material INOX-AISI 304
Capacity (lt) 737
Insulation (mm) 60
Refrigeration  VENTILATED
Temperature (°c)  -2°C + 8°C
Temperature control   ELECTRONIC
Defrosting type   ELECTRIC
Maximum room temperature/humidity  +38 °C 60%HR
Consense water evaporation  AUTOMATIC
Refrigeration type  R 134a
Power (w)  450
Power supply (v) 230V/50HZ
Door inversion  YES
Internal light  YES
Standard equipment  10  x  runners

Fitted with castors


PA 800 TN Dough storage fridge . The PA800 baker’s fridge  has substituted the usual shelves found in fridges for runners to take 60mm x 40mm trays – Ideal for bakeries or high output pizzerias . Its capacity is either 40 trays measuring 60mm x 40mm or 20 trays measuring 80mm x 60mm. A conversion kit to allow it to hold 10 of the imperial size 18” x 30” trays is available. All models come fitted with wheels as standard.

Refrigerated cabinet in AISI 304 stainless steel. Ventilated refrigeration. Incorporated gas unit. Concealed evaporator for maximum space availability. Motor compartment with insulated sides. Electronic temperature control with digital thermostat. Electrical resistance around door frame to eliminate condensation. Automatic defrosting with electrical resistance and automatic control of defrosting temperature. Automatic evaporation of condensation. Evaporator treated against corrosion. Reversible door with return spring. Lockable door with key. Door seal removable without tools. Internal light. Bottom with rounded corners . External base and back panels in galvanized sheet steel. Feet in AISI 304 stainless steel, adjustable in height